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How to Sign up Google Adsense on Blogger

Blogger friend how are you? See ya not long, hopefully still happy blogging wrote. Want it could always shared with all bloggers. This time I try to review about Google Adsense corresponding article of the above title.

Google Adsense, it seems very in dewakan by most bloggers there (including me) From the results were pretty good income value per click and so on. But for us in this region (Indonesia) is a little difficult to fit in a large family google adsense, need special seduction first in order to be accepted.

Here I try to share a few tips to get in the google adsense from our own blogger dashboard. Just need a little change and multiply the effort, do not forget to also pray may be acceptable.
For the first step, prepare coffee and nuts for snacks while reading;
(because this article would be very boring for those who do not like the world adsense)
Make sure your email and Google accounts have not been banned by Google for any reason.
Note also the traffic and blog content.
Actually google adsense itself also has support for Indonesian language blog, but somehow still difficult to be accepted on the grounds CONTENT. Search has info, it turns out there is a misconception we have, google support Indonesian language blog terms and not in terms of article dashboard / templates blogger us. Before continuing, we should first review the picture below, and equate with the blogger dashboard you have in your possession. ;
Cara Daftar Google Adsense dari Blogger
Adakah Tab Earnings / Penghasilan pada dashboard milik Anda?
Otherwise, means staying a little more step to maximize your blog. but if it does not exist, should be held first, so I can sign up for google adsense easily from our blogger dashboard. The way to be able to display the tab earnings / income, see the picture;
Cara Daftar Google Adsense dari Blogger
Halaman paling depan pada dashboard.

Cara Daftar Google Adsense dari Blogger
Halaman depan bagian ke-2, setelah ganti bahasa.

Cara Daftar Google Adsense dari Blogger
Halaman setting / setelan, pilih bahasa performatan.

After all already is done with following the step on image above, refresh / reload the page you (F5) and see the result, tab earnings already emerged;
Cara Daftar Google Adsense dari Blogger
Silahkan daftar dari sini, (jika belum pernah daftar google adsense)
On the settings tab / settings, select the language of Britain and underneath there is the option Enable transliteration? let alone the disabled position.

On the choice of language, select the language English. This is what we often misunderstand why blog in Indonesia is still difficult to enter in the Google AdSense network, instead of the content / article but from the language setting on the dashboard blogger performatan that we manage.

There are a few more extra to make it more acceptable to google adsense;
Register your blog on Feedburner.
Make it a habit to always open feedburner yours.
Prepare also other supporting information, such as;
About Us, (blog admin)
Contact Us,
Privacy Policy,
Etc., which if necessary.

Hopefully helpful,, thank you.

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Heavy metal is a genre of rock that developed in the 1970s, with roots in blues rock and psychedelic rock. This genre is characterized by a very strong guitar distortion, long guitar solos, fast beats, good instrumentation in all musical instruments. Heavy metal lyrics associated with masculinity and virility.
Historical development of Metal music

Heavy metal name was conceived by the 1960s hard rock band Steppenwolf, in their song Born To Be Wild (second row in the second stanza). "I like smoke and lightningHeavy metal thunder Racin 'with the wind And the feelin' that I'm under". But the term was not used properly until in 1970, when Black Sabbath released their debut album titled "Black Sabbath". [1] From the 1960s or could be called blues rock like Led Zeppelin, AC / DC, Classic metal and around 60'an up rockseperti Classic 70's or so-called Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper. Classic metal game. His music is controlled by a more bluesy riffs. [2]
[Edit] Evolution of music

Here are some types of metal again:
[Edit] 70's
Early 70's Heavy Metal fronted by bands such as Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple, Heavy Metal at that time are still influenced by a strong element of Blues. Judas Priest develop this genre to remove the element of blues and rely more distortion, a faster beat, and harmony. [3] At the end of the 70's came the New Wave of British Heavy Metal oF often abbreviated (NWOBHM), which pioneered Motorhead. NWOBHM combines Punk and Heavy Metal. Other NWOBHM bands are Iron Maiden, Saxon, Venom, Diamond Head, and others. [4]
[Edit] Early '80s
Early '80s era bands fronted by NWOBAM like Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Venom and Diamond Head. Heavy Metal finally collide dengen this raises Pop music genre called Glam Metal, Glam metal broke through the top charts, this led to heavy metal more quickly spread around the world
Metal Underground: 1980, 1990, and the 2000s

[Edit] thrash metal and speed metal
The main article for this section are: thrash metal and speed metal

Thrash metal band called Slayer appeared in 2007
Very fast tempo song that carried by the guitarist who plays rhythm guitar on the downstroke by thrash metal bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax were dubbed Big Four Of Thrash. In San Francisco there Testament and Exodus, New Jersey there Overkill danSepultura of Brazil. While the faster speed metal played very, very fast and powerful like Motorhead (of late), Iron Angel, Anthrax. While Thrash metal music that comes from Europe is like, Kreator and Destruction, both from Germany.
[Edit] Death metal
The main article for this section are: Death metal
In 1990'an, underground is more like entering into Extreme Metal Grindcore spearheaded by Napalm Death and Brutal Truth, developed in 1991 to Death metal Scandinavia by Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, and At The Gates. Melodic Death Metal from Gothenburg Sweden and developed in Finland and Norway by bands like Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Disessction. Then there is the term used in the metal Techical pioniri by Cynic, Atheist, Meshuggah, Death. Progressive Death metal that may be more likely to use traditional visualization and many were understandable, pioneering is Opeth, Pestilence, Death, Novembre and possibly Progressive metal by Dream Theater, Queensryche, and Fates Warning.
[Edit] Black metal
The main article for this section are: Black metal
The flow appeared around the early and mid 1980s, initiated by rock bands such as Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Bathory. At the end of the 80's band Mayhem danBurzum lead into the second wave of black metal.
[Edit] Power metal
The main article for this section are: Power metal
Power metal is more upbeat this genre and this genre vocalist mostly influenced by Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson Yanuar andaris and bands of this genre most of Europe and Asia. For example, Europe (Sweden), Hero of heavy metal (Indonesia), Iron Maiden (UK), Helloween (Germany).
[Edit] Doom Metal and Gothic metal
The main article for this section are: Doom metal and Gothic metal
Doom Metal is a flow suppression prefers the lyrics, the tempo is below the average of other metal subgenres Extreme flow is inspired by Black Sabbath's first era, the band that includes the flow example is Saint Vitus, Obsessed and Candlemass. Gothic Metal Doom Metal is evolution, beginning this genre is the emergence of bands Death / Doom of English is My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Gothic Metal band now more reliant on vocal harmony between men and women (sometimes with a growl).
[Edit] 90s
In the era of 90s heavy metal music began shaken by the emergence of particular kekeuatan Alternative Rock Grunge, Glam Metal bands in the '80s era of declining popularity, publication at that time mentitik emphasis on Grunge. Meanwhile bands like Metallica, Pantera, Tool, White Zombie and Megadeth spearheaded the current whereabouts of metal music.
[Edit] Alternative metal
Alternative metal is one of the most popular metal subgenres in the early 90s. when the popularity of Glam Metal Grunge began to sink due to the emergence in the late 80s. Metal is used to describe alternative bands such as Faith No More, Primus, Rage Against The Machine and Jane's Addiction are mengfusikan Alternative Rock and heavy metal, so the roots of this genre is rock.
In addition there is initiated Industrial metal bands such as Ministry, Godflesh, Fear Factory and Marilyn Manson. Industrial metal is also growing rapidly in Germany. bands like Rammstein, Oomph!, Megaherz high enough to gain popularity both in his home country as well as the plains of Europe. Then there's Punk Crossover Thrash Metal or Metal Trash is mixing with element-element thick of Hardcore Punk. Suicidal Tendecies, Stromtroopers of Death, Corrosion of Conformity and Dirty Rotten Imbeciles are some band that brought this genre. Then there is Groove Metal, is the evolution of the genre of thrash metal genre which emerged in early 90s is fronted by Pantera, Sepultura, White Zombie, etc..
Nu metal, alternative metal genre latter is a modern metal tones that play with Industrial. Many of the bands Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Deftones up Disturbed.Tahun 90s many emerging bands who led the term Nu Metal is like POD, Static X, KoRn, etc. which clearly Aggro Rock genre, genre Aggro Rock is the one who Nu Metal is music which we hear or know until now, the record label / media rename "Aggro Rock" with the term New Metal or Nu Metal to pull pasar.awalnya Nu Metal label is triggered by a producer named Ross Robinson cooperation korn & limpbizkit.
[Edit] Grunge
1990s when the first outbreak of Grunge music is a viscous mixture between Heavy Metal Post-Punk and Hardcore even popping up in Seattle, although slightly inclined keAlternative Metal. Grunge band from Seattle, such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains before the band was no pure fact-based punk grunge existing by such bands Malfunkshun and Green River after it was no Temple of the Dog Mad Season, Mudhoney up Melvins. After the death of Kurt Cobain Grunge music and rarely come back inspired by bands like Skin Yard and PJ Harvey. If a band plays music but the band was not Grunge taste of Seattle. Grunge name is not used, but the Post-Grunge such as L7, Stone Temple Pilots, Paw, Hole.
[Edit] Recent developments

2000'an metal era (now) have a considerable difference, in the sense that the metal can fuse with a variety of flow. Known as the pioneers of metal music, metal music lovers were treated to a variety of types of metal with a harmonic tempo and dynamic. Some of the flow is Nu Metal, Symphonic Metal, Deathcore, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal Folk Metal and so on.
[Edit] Folk Metal
Folk Metal is a fusion of heavy metal with folk music (folk music), the flow is fronted by bands sepertik Korpiklaani, Skyclad, Ensiferum, Fiintroll, Turisas etc..
Although most music Folk Metal more developed in Scandinavia, Folk Metal is also growing in the middle east are like Orphaned Land and Melechesh
[Edit] Melodic Death Metal
Melodic Death Metal itself is growing rapidly in Scandinavia, particularly Gothenburg. Bands such as In Flames, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy and Soilwork. In addition to the Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal is also growing in other regional sperti Children of Bodom, Kalmah and Norther (Finland), The Black Dahlia Murder, Darkest Hour and Himsa (United States), Switchblade, Daysend, Infernal Method (Australia), Disarmonia Mundi ( Italy), Blood Stain Child (Japan) and Death Scythe (Mexico)
[Edit] Deathcore
Deathcore developed as a derivative of metalcore with typical lyrics Death Metal, which is about death, hell, Satan, and the mystical nuances. Most of Death Metal are atheists, while Deathcore mostly agnostic people. the basics are deathcore hardcore / metallic hardcore (metalcore) are trying to play music louder with music influences like death metal to deathcore created
At first pioneered by bands such as Crytopsy and so on. In this era of increasingly 2000'an deathcore bands are popping up like Job For A Cowboy, The Red Chord, All Shall Perish, The Crimson Armada, Suicide Silence, Bring Me the Horizon and others.
Deathcore itself tends tempo, almost like old school metal flow that is devastating but still no grip-grip melodian.
[Edit] New Wave of American Heavy Metal
New Wave of American Heavy Metal (or so-called Groove metal) basically relies drumwork and guitar sound was very thick and distorted, that which gives the effect of groove. This sub-genre began to develop in the 1990s, to begin a album "Cowboys From Hell" from Pantera, and "Slaughter in the Vatican" by Exhorder, then followed by "Chaos AD" of Sepultura, and "Burn My Eyes" from Machine Head. Afterwards, begin to grow until now bearers groove bands that are potentially as A Life Once Lost, DevilDriver, Chimaira, FFDP, Lamb Of God, etc.. . This genre came later in the era of the mid-90s. New Wave of American Heavy Metal influenced by bands such as Machine Head, Pantera, Biohazard and Avenged Sevenfold.
Groove metal music has a characteristic form of the guitar stem the drop D to C with a very groovy guitar sound, relying drumwork and guitar sound was very thick and distorted.
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mystery song Avenged Sevenfold FICTION

Previous note I
is one big fan
Avenged Sevenfold
I just wanted to share with you guys
how Jimmy Owen "The Rev"
Sullivan actually died.
Jimmy was born with a heart
enlarges, and becomes worse
along with his age.
This is why he
said he would not exceed
age 30 years.
The Rev "I will be famous and I
will die before celebrating
my birthday is the 30th "
Now you should know about
the last song on the album Nightmare,
Fiction is a suicide note.
Fiction is the last song that was written
The Rev before he died.
As many know, he
Fiction lyrics menyelasaikan 3 days
before he died. Nothing is
Until know this song that day.
He secretly writes Fiction
alone and recording herself
singing and playing instruments
without anyone knowing.
The song was originally titled "Death" but
then turned into Fiction.
As said before he
Fiction and finish the song 3 days
later he was found dead.
On the previous album, Self-
titled, The Rev wrote a song
entitled "Brompton Cocktail".
"In telling about a
want to die in pain
so much so that he took
what is called Brompton Cocktail
to kill herself. "Brompton
Cocktail is a mixture of Drug
Reports say that The Rev
found dead with oxycodone
(OxyContin), oxymorphone (a
metabolite of oxycodone), diazepam
(Valium), Nordiazepam (a
metabolization of diazepam) and
alcohol in his body. HIS
Brompton COCKTAIL.
The report also said that the only
mixture of bad and
causing his death.
The Rev knows that enlargement
heart will be the death of the
painful and therefore he
plans to commit suicide.
He writes as a Brompton Cocktail
instructions which he will use as
method of suicide, and write
Fiction as a suicide note.
He wanted to die in his own way,
not painful death
because of his enlarged heart.
A7X continue to keep this secret from
public because they do not want people
think they are a group of emo
suicide (Suicidal Emo Group). And
of course they are not like that
If you really understand the lyrics
Fiction you can say it
was a suicide note.
It's goodbye letter to all
It is sad but true
what it is ...
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How to Get Lots of Followers on Twitter Automatically Up to 100 Thousand

How to Get Lots of Followers on Twitter Automatically Up to 100 Thousand
How to Get Lots of Followers Automatically Twiiter. In this post I will inform you how to get twitter followers automatically to 100 Thousand Followers. For those of you who might Twiiter crazy this way would be very useful for you. Although I am not a maniac twiter but yesterday I tried a bit, and it turns out this work. I previously only 113 followers now 1904. Check my Twiiter @ 17_awang. Still curious yes, how do it. Here is How to Get Followers To 100 Thousand Automatic Twiiter:

Please open
Download Data 100 Thousand Followers here
Pass =
Copy Paste list is on the web earlier to the large column. Then enter your username in the small column.

After that, please click Follow
Total there are 6 Parts and each part there are 10 mailing list. Please fill one - by one the list note pad. Guaranteed less than 1 hour you will be booming followers.

That's all that I can say. Hopefully Helpful. Thank you. - How to Get Lots of FollowersTwiiter Automatic Up to 100 Thousand

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How to Restore Twitter Accounts Suspended?

How to Restore Twitter Accounts Suspended?

First want to ask ya, there is a twitter account got suspended?? Is back again or not?? If it's yes Alhamdulillah: P
I do not know if that's how ya,, well see ya ..
Restores Suspended Twitter Account which is very easy ..
My account was suspended several times hit, even very often. But thank God kept returning to my hands: D
It is very easy, we simply apologize for violating TOS / rules twitter.
When you are exposed to suspended just been to this place:
The contents of an existing form2.
example ::
Regarding: Suspended Account
Subject: Account Suspended
Description of problem: Dear Twitter, My account is suspended. I apologize if I am wrong in using twitter. but I do not understand where is my fault that my account is suspended. I beg you to help me so that my account can be used again. thanks you very much.
Full Name: Your Twitter Name
Username: @ NamaAkunAnda
Email address: [to Yahoo, ymail, gmail, etc.]
Phone number (optional): +6285955 xxxx [should not explicitly specify the security remedy we] then submit then check your email.
There is no any reply kesalahan2 us. Then we asked to reply to ngakui and stop the error.
I used to reply: "I apologize and I promise not to repeat the bad behavior ..
Thanks a lot "
After waiting a few moments, you do not recover your account instantly. There it took about 6 hours [can not], 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, depending on the severity of our mistake.
So please be patient to wait for your account to recover and do not forget to follow my twitter @ ya e_mamat
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How to make a moves twitter avatar photo

When looking at my own twitter account e_mamat, some friends have been asking "How to Make a Twitter Avatar Moves?".

Actually quite easy and not like in facebook, Twitter provides a facility image host / upload the GIF format support, so we can freely change the avatar we use the moving image in GIF format.
Well, here I will give a tutorial how to build your twitter avatar move. Follow the steps below:
Prepare the moving images you'll use as an avatar in GIF format with a resolution of 150x150px
Login to Twitter Client Kakiteng c Kusuma using your twitter account
Click on Edit Profile
Please change your twitter avatar to use images that have been prepared during the
If completed, please go to Twitter and see the result, you now have twitter avatar move.
Easy enough right? Good luck.
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Indonesia experienced natural DISASTER streak. Starting from the tsunami in Aceh until the recent mudflow in East Java. It is reminiscent of similar events in the region known as the continent of Atlantis. Is there a relationship between Indonesia and Atlantis?
Picture of the continent of Atlantis entirely sourced from Plato Notes (427-347 BC) in the two works, the Timaeus and Critias. in his book entitled Timaeus, Plato tells the story very interesting about Atlantis, Here are excerpts:
"In the presence of Mainstay Haigelisi Strait, there is a very large island, from there you can go to the other islands, in front of the islands are wholly inland sea surrounded by ocean, it is the kingdom of Atlantis. When the new Atlantis will launch a major war with Athens, but unexpectedly, Atlantis suddenly experienced an earthquake and floods, not until the day and night, completely submerged in the sea floor, a large country that goes beyond a high civilization, vanished overnight. "
Latin translation of Timaeus, was made in medieval times.
Plato claimed that tens of thousands of years ago there was a variety of simultaneous volcanic eruptions, earthquakes pose, melting ice, and flooding. The incident resulted in most of the earth's surface to sink. That part is called or the lost continent of Atlantis.
Cutting-edge research conducted by Prof. Arysio Nunes dos Santos, a atlantolog, geologist, and a Brazilian nuclear physicist, asserted that Atlantis was what is now called Indonesia. After doing research for 30 years, he published his findings in a book: Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitifve Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization (2005). Santos featuring 33 comparisons, as an area, weather, natural resources, volcanoes, and agricultural practices, which ultimately concluded that Atlantis is Indonesia. Terasisasi system typical Indonesian rice fields, he said, is the form adopted by the Borobudur Temple, Pyramids in Egypt, and ancient buildings Aztecs in Mexico.
Indonesian context
It's no coincidence when Indonesia in 1958, the idea of ​​Prof. Dr.. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja through Law no. 4 Interim Law in 1960, sparked the Declaration Djoeanda. The effect that the country of Indonesia with waters its hinterland is the unity of the archipelago. The fact was later recognized by the Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982. Referring to research Santos, during the tens of thousands of years ago the territory of Indonesia is a continent united. Not fragmented in tens of thousands of islands as it does now.
Santos determined that in the past that Atlantis was a continent that stretches from the south of India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, continue eastward to Indonesia (which is now) as its center. In the region there are dozens of active volcanoes and surrounded by ocean that blends named Orientale, consisting of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.
Plato's theory explains that the lost continent of Atlantis is due to the eruption of a volcano erupting simultaneously. At that time most of the rest of the world was still covered by ice sheets (the Pleistocene). With the outbreak of dozens of volcanoes simultaneously mostly located in the territory of Indonesia (first), then drowned the continent and partly covered by water home from the melting ice. Of which the eruption of Mount Meru in South India and Mount Semeru / Sumeru / Mahameru in East Java. Last volcanic eruption in Sumatra which formed Lake Toba with Somasir island, which is the top of the mountain that erupted at the time. The most devastating eruptions in the future is the Krakatoa volcano (Krakatoa) which breaks part of Sumatra and Java, and others as well as forming the Sunda straits plains.
Atlantis Sanskrit Atala, which means heaven or sighting tower (watch tower), Atalaia (Potugis), Atalaya (Spanish). Plato insisted that the Atlantic at that time was the center of world civilization in the form of culture, natural resources, science / technology, and others. Plato was determined that the location of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean now. At the time, he insisted that the earth is flat and surrounded by the ocean (ocean) as a whole.
Ocean derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ashayana surrounds thoroughly. The opinion was later challenged by experts in the future such as Copernicus, Galilei-Galileo, Einstein, and Stephen Hawking.
Map of Atlantis by Arysio Nunes dos Santos in his book Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found is located in Indonesia.
Santos differ with Plato about the location of Atlantis. Brazilian scientists argue, that at the time of the eruption of the volcano range, causing the ice to melt and flow into the ocean so that the extent of increase. Water and mud from the volcanic ash and essentially burdening the ocean, resulting in tremendous pressure on the earth's crust to the ocean floor, particularly on the continental coast. This pressure resulted in the quake. This earthquake reinforced by mountains in a row then erupted and caused devastating tsunami waves. Santos named Heinrich Events.
In an effort to express opinions based on history of the world, looks Plato had made two mistakes, first about the shape / position of the earth which he said flatly. Second, the location of which is said to be the continent of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean are opposed by Santos. U.S. military research in the Atlantic region proved unable to find traces of that lost continent. Therefore there is not arbitrary proverb that says, "Amicus Plato, sed magical amica veritas." It means, "I am delighted to Plato, but I am more than happy to truth."
However, there are circumstances present that between Plato and Santos agreed. namely:
first, that the location of the sunken continent of Atlantis and by Santos confirmed as the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
Second, the number or length of the chain of volcanoes in Indonesia. Of which is Kerinci, Gutters, Krakatoa, Malabar, Galunggung, Pangrango, Merapi, Merbabu, Semeru, Bromo, Supreme, Rinjani. Most of the mountain that has been or is being active again.
Third, the issue of mudflows from the eruption of volcanic ash mixed with sea water to mud. Silt in the sea and then seep into the ground on the mainland. Mud is mixed with natural gas which is impossible barrier of mud (mud barriers that can not be passed), or in navigable (impassable), can not be penetrated or entered. In the case in Sidoarjo, never done remote sensing, remote sensing, which indicates the existence of canalization system in the region. There is a possibility that the former distribution canalization mudflow of the past.
Indonesia is a region that is considered to be the heirs of Atlantis, certainly should make us thankful. Make us not lower ourselves in the international arena, because in his time Atlantis was the center of world civilization. But as the disaster-prone areas, as has been experienced by the Atlantis, it's time we learn from history and take advantage of the latest developments in science to be able to handle it. ***
* The author is an Honorary Director of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL), Paris-France
Please see video Exclusive Interview with Prof. Arysio Santos about Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitifve Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization Via
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